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queer sam week » day 1 » favorite potentially queer sam moment

      1.19 provenance

this conversation about sam, sam’s feelings, and where he stands when it comes to how & with whom he forms relationships remains conspicuously open-ended. the fact that sam won’t talk about whatever the “main part” is for him—though he admits freely that it isn’t jess or his grief—makes me think that what’s going on with sam here, what he’s feeling or processing about himself and his connections with others, is something deeply personal and individual to sam. of course we’ll never know whether the “main part” pertains in any way to sam’s potential canonical queerness or to something else entirely; but it’s an open-ended moment in a dialogue where sam actually directly talks about, and chooses to omit details about, himself and relationships. in future episodes, sam continues a trend toward not specifically defining or talking much about his preferences, which many people have already pointed out (i.e. “it doesn’t matter,” using gender neutral pronouns for his exes, etc). 

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